Testimonials from the Octave Mandolin building Workshop: April 2005

Karen Escovitz:

"I just spent the past few days working with Don Kawalek and two other students building ourselves Octave Mandolins.  Don prepared the kits for us... boxes of bits and sheets of wood... and provided expert guidance (individualized as well as group) on how to assemble them properly.  It was an amazing experience...

Don is a great teacher... being devoted to demystifying the process so that each student can go away knowing that he/she CAN do it.  At the same time, he also has to choreograph the whole experience so that it is do-able in 3 days.  So it helps that he has pre-made jigs and such that help it go smoothly."

Testimonials from earlier Mandolin building Workshops

Patrick B. Roberts :

""I attended Don's workshop in March of 2003, what a great experience, the best time I've had in years!"

"Don's skill as both a luthier and teacher along with his great sense of humor made the workshop a load of fun. I had been toying with the idea of building a mandolin but couldn't work up the nerve to give it a try. Since attending Don's workshop I have now made six instruments, I never would have had the confidence to try it with out Don's encouragement. Regardless of your wood working experience, if you have ever thought you'd like to try this, Don's workshop is a great place to start."

"If you can't make the workshop, try one of his kits, the customer support is awesome!""

"The flat top mando above I made at
the workshop, the F5 I made with
Don's encouragement and coaching"



The workshops are hosted by the Adult Education Workshops & Experiential Programs of the Northern Virginia's 4-H Educational Center.

Details of schedule, accomodation, registration, and all necessary information are available on the AEWEP's page.